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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

RevTec1 / Sep 28, 2016 / Tech Reviews

This phone is top in its class in beautiful ascetic design in its curves and 5.5 Inch AMOLED display coming in at 1440p display, making it one of the best phones to watch content on the go or play games and take in music content. Coming In with 32 GB of storage on board and upgradable capacity of up to 200 GB via the SD card slot.


This phone Has a Snapdragon 820 mobile quad processor clocked in at 2.2 Ghz giving you enoughroom for years of use and enough power to run pretty much every top tier smartphone game on the app store today, but enough power for productivity and performance. Running Android 6.1 marshmallow allowing you to do anything the iPhone can do and more.

In Conclusion:

We have here one of the best phones on the market with a fast Chipset, A sleek sexy design, and a good AMOLED display coming in at 1440p and on all 4 major carriers in the United States.
It’s one of the best smart phone's to hit the market today and I give it a

Overall 8.5 out 10

Done By Sxbrady Of Revtec Entertainment


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