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Sony XBR43X800D 43" 4K HDR Ultra HD TV Review

RevTec1 / Sep 29, 2016 / Tech Reviews
So Let's Talk About The Pros:

Right off the bat can I say android TV for the win it's so much of an easier experience to use apps and stuff on the TV. I can also say PlayStation integration on this TV is so good when you can play PlayStation now or remote play is just a win-win for a lot of us PlayStation 4 owners. Sony XBR43X800D has all the latest apps you want from the WWE network to Netflix to Hulu you name it and with Google cast you can cast anything from Google Chrome and from any device that has the Google Cast button. Sony XBR43X800D features a X1 Quad Core chip in it with AC wireless and Ethernet. Sony XBR43X800D need to be calibrated it makes the tv look good also the colors are vibrant. When gaining on Sony XBR43X800D in 4K its a joy on Sony XBR43X800D everything pops and I can't wait to enjoy the PlayStation 4 PRO on Sony XBR43X800D. I got to say watching HDR Blu-ray is an amazing experience also yes Sony XBR43X800D has HDR. Sony XBR43X800D remote also takes voice commands which is a win-win for some of us. Sony XBR43X800D is getting a firmware update later in the year for HDMI 2.1 so when the new cable standard comes out it will be able to take a advantage of it.

Let's Talk About Cons:

the Wi-Fi on Sony XBR43X800D is alright I had to plug in ethernet cord which ethernet is always better than Wi-Fi. sometimes on Sony XBR43X800D voice commands are a little wonky. If you get Sony XBR43X800D you're going to have to go through a lot of updating which could be a pain in the butt. Sony XBR43X800D the settings out of the box on the picture setting side is pain in the butt you have to alot of work arounds with the settings make it look better because it was horrible out the box whoever sets the settings on the picture in the factory does a horrible job everything looks orange out of the box so I had to calibrate it. Cable companies and satellite companies have not catch up to 4K and HDR. DirecTV for instance that is owned by AT&Tnow only has four channels at the moment that support 4K. Mostly sporting channels and some concert events and a little bit of PPV. Alot of streaming places are not even supporting 4K at this moment in time and not every streaming box is supporting 4K. So if you want to be in 4K you have to drop a lot of extra money outside of the Sony XBR43X800D itself.

In Conclusion:

this TVs one of the best ones I ever have used in such a long time once you go through the settings and mess with them and get them to your liking. the Sony XBR43X800D is an amazing thing playing games. 4K is a win-win if you can get over there hurdles of having to upgrade HDMI cable's and upgrading all your equipment to be ready for 4K. Not everything works at 4K and not every single thing has 4K support. Not every single thing has support for HDR 4K but apps and things are starting to adopted it more and more. There other resolutions out there that are higher than 4K but 4K will be the replacement for 1080 P going into the future. I can see you noticeable difference is between 1080P and 4K within colors and little stuff like that. If you can get over the hurdles of having to upgrade your equipment and cables and having to do some setting up and making sure the picture is right then Sony XBR43X800D is a definite win for you.

Overall 9.0 Out 10

Done By Masterfrylock13 Of RevTec Entrtainment


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