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Playstation 4 Pro Review!!!

RevTec1 / Dec 05, 2016 / Tech Reviews
Here Our Unboxing Of The PlayStation 4 Pro

Our Unboxing Video.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is a definite win-win situation and it does a lot in the 1080p space and the 4K space it does everything you want it to be when it comes to gaming. it delivers in all departments when it comes to the games everything looks Crisp And even with HDR going on everything looks great out of the box with my sony 4k hdr tv the visuals and the fidelity looks really good in all the games which i have tested. Only thing that is a little bit of a let down is the non 4K HDR Blu-ray Drive.

1. Better Graphical Performance
2. Games Will Get A Upgraded For Free For PS4 Pro
3. Much Better VR Experience
4. Extra RAM For Background Tasks
5. Faster Downloads Times
6. More GPU Power

1. No 4K HDR Blu-ray Drive
2. PS4 Pro Controller More Light Bars
3. 1tb Harddrive Drive Wheres The 2tb
4. External Hard Drive Support For Games


The PlayStation 4 Pro is one of the best things you can buy this holiday season, coming in at 400 dollars you get a great gaming machine that can upscale previous PS4 games to 4K which looks amazing not to mention the Pro titles that take advantage of the extra horse power of the console. 4K video streaming on Netflix and movies from the playstation store is great for anyone with a 4K display or just anyone who wants to take the fullest advantage of a older 1080P display should find some value in this console.This is a win for sure and a must buy this holiday season.

Review Video: Coming Soon

Score Of 9.0 Out Of 10

Done By Masterfrylock13 & Sxbrady Of RevTecEntertainment


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