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Horipad FPS Plus Review!!

RevTec1 / Jan 15, 2017 / Gaming Reviews
The Horipad FPS Plus is it hit and miss controller I really want to like this controller I've used it for quite a while. it's just really difficult to fall in love with the Controller when it's missing key features like for instance it's missing the earphone jack which is on the normal PS4 controller also missing vibration which is a big deal to a lot of us first person shooter fans. The controller is extremely light without those key features there's really no light bar either which is a plus over the standard PlayStation controller. I got to say when gaming it's a joy to use it does have some feedback when you're not using the tumb sticks which could be a drawback at the same time. I do enjoy this controller I find it hard to recommend to people at the price point it comes in at. you have to import this controller from Japan which I think is a little crazy when there Horri Products sold in the United States. It

does come with the touchpad and it also works with the PlayStation 3 I have not tested it out on the PC to see if it works like a standard Xbox controller. Overall I do you like this controller but I'm just finding it very hard to recommend it to people. If you are looking for a controller that's like a Pro elite controller like the Xbox one then I would not recommend this controller and I would recommend a different company that's making it official PlayStation Pro controller. I just can't justify the price and I really just can't see why people would want this controller. I just can't recommend it hopefully with the next version of this controller they can add the features that I've been talking about in this review like earphone jack vibration etc. It as turbo mode which is not plus can't use it in most of game because you take risk of getting reported do to cheating it dosent help you get better at games it make it more easier to play shooter game with is downside.

Overall Score Of 5 Out 10

Done By Masterfrylock13 Of RTE



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