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Mango Jeli Magic Jeli Rich EJuice Review

RevTec1 / Jan 15, 2017 / Vape Reviews
This Vape juice is pretty Is pretty alright it's not the best it's pretty sweet and sour. I kinda of regret getting it in 6 mL of nicotine after a few puffs I was Kinda getting a nicotine buzz. Overall this Vape juice is just a little bit too sweet and a little bit too much mango. I would recommend other flavors over this one mango. The Juice seems to be a little bit too thick to which can kind a clog up your coils in some instances. I would say pass on this juice and two it's a little bit too sugary and sour.

Overall Score 6.5 out of 10

Done By Masterfrylock13


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