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Booya Grammy Apple E-Liquid Review

RevTec1 / Jan 18, 2017 / Vape Reviews
This Premium E-Cig juice is really good I have enjoyed the flavors from this company. I wish they would offer more nicotine choices than 0 or 6 or even 12 Mgs Of Nicotine. I wish they would offer like the middle of Road like a 3MG of nicotine.

I'm smoking 6MG of nicotine feels like you're not smoking 6MG of nicotine which is the win in some circumstances and I don't get that nicotine buzz. I wish they would offer bigger vape vials 60 or 120 ml of juice this company is a local company to me that makes wonderful juices but I wish they would give you more for your money. I use them when I'm in a pinch.I'm definitely going to try out more of their flavors. I wish they would offer bigger quantities of vape juice. This company has serious potential but they do need to make more of a effort to bring out more bigger quantities of vape juice. I've been using this company for years and the vape juice doesn't give you that weird lung hit like some other ecig juices do. when hitting on this juice it just so smooth. overall for the price and what it comes in at it gets the job done.

Here There Official Website Of Booya

Overall Score 8 out 10

Done By Masterfrylock13 Of RTE


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