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EarPods with Lightning Connector Review!!!

RevTec1 / Feb 02, 2017 / Tech Reviews
Apple Lighting Earbuds are one of the best sounding earbuds that I have heard in some time. they sound really crisp I been listening to Spotify for a few weeks now in my testing it sounds HD not to much bass or trouble. apple earbuds are much better over the older apple earbuds with 3.5 headjack. Downside is the Lightning Jack sticks out way too long then I would like it and wish the I wish the cord wasn't so thick at the end of the cord. I wish Apple would offer different colors then white... I wish also apple would offered them cheaper. These Apple earbuds get really

dirty also need to be cleaned alot if you plan on working out with them. I would definitely recommend them at a cheaper price I would go after the Apple earpods over anything else not because of the price just because of the wire I'm getting really tired of wires. that is just a minor gripe beggars can't be choosers.

Great Sound
Lighting Connector
Good Price
Works With Most IPHONES

Trick Cable
Get Dirty To Quick
Different Colors

Overall Score 8 out 10

Review Done By Masterfrylock13 Of RTE


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