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Nintendo Switch Review!!!

RevTec1 / Mar 24, 2017 / Tech Reviews
So I've had the nintendo switch for past few days now. I have really enjoyed this hybrid console from Nintendo I am really enjoying the console as a tablet more than docking It in. The games look really really good. From my testing The Nvidia Tegra X1 that's inside the Nintendo switch does a excellent job when it's in dock mode. I have installed a 32 Gigabytes MicroSD card wish Nintendo would have thrown more Gigabytes or more models at us as far as space because MicroSD cards do not come cheap for higher Gigabytes.

Not enough launch games for the Nintendo switch at lunch. overtime this System should get better Nintendo has a few hurtles to jump with this new console. before this system is prime time in certain aspects of this system seems rushed and then in certain aspects it looks like it's ready for prime time. where this system shines is when it's in tablet mode I have come to enjoyed playing it more in tablet mode. Which I played breath of the wild that game looks outstanding in tablet mode.

Also make sure to buy screen protectors and some and some back protection due to the dock nintendo did not think this out right...

Overall this system is amazing and shows the future of where Console gaming could be going. There needs tobe some overhaul on things but overall the Nintendo switch is an amazing device. Cant wait to see more with this hybrid console from nintendo.

Here To Our Unboxing Video Of Switch

Review Score 8.0 out 10

Review Done Masterfrylock13 Of RTE


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